TSD client services include comprehensive approval of the internal control system followed by their establishments in order to identify their points of weakness, and prepare control procedures for addressing the points of weakness in so far as increased effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control system will be guaranteed.

Some establishments, particularly small enterprises, might not have an internal audit system, and will subsequently resort to professional firms specialized in this field for implementing internal auditing.

TSD Auditing Consultants provide their clients with this service at their discretion, and perform internal auditing according to the internationally recognized standards, prepare regular reports on the results of internal audit, and highlight the major problems from which TSD clients establishments are suffering, and on which they should concentrate.

TSD proposes theoretical and practical solutions for those challenges to ensure improved performance of such establishments along with efficient and effective utilization of available resources towards realizing their objectives, increasing its profitability and in order to guarantee that it is keeping pace with establishments of similar activity.